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Billing Information

All our services are billed on a fixed date. When you first sign up our billing system will automatically calculate a pro-rata amount to bill you.

This will be calculated as follows:

Monthly Plan Value / Number of Days in the Month * Current Days Left in the Month

To use a real example, assuming you signed up on the 20th of March 2013 on a $35 a month plan:

$35 / 31 * 11 = $12.42 to be billed when you sign up.

Once you are a customer with us we will create an invoice on the 1st of every month, this will include your service fee for the current month as well as any call charges you incurred in the previous month. The due date for the invoice will be the 7th of each month. If you have elected automatic debit from a Credit Card then we will process the payment on the 5th of the month.

If payment is not made by the due date we will send reminders on the following events:

  • 7 days after the due date
  • 14 days after the due date
  • 21 days after the due date

If the invoice has still not been paid after 21 days we will add late fees to the invoice and send another reminder to pay.

If after 28 days the invoice has not been paid we may suspend the services on your account until payment is made.